3 Reasons to Get Sober: The Benefits of Addiction Treatment

3 Reasons to Get Sober: The Benefits of Addiction Treatment

Post Date: April 25, 2019

3 Reasons to Get Sober: The Benefits of Addiction Treatment

There’s more to addiction recovery than just abstaining from drugs and alcohol. When people consider entering treatment for substance use disorders, sometimes the only thought is to be free of the negative consequences brought on by addiction – withdrawal symptoms, cravings, financial struggle, and declining physical health, just to name a few. What they may not consider is that there are also countless benefits to pursuing a life of sobriety. You’ll experience a whole new life: physically, mentally, and socially.

Physical Benefits of Sobriety

Overall health.

You’ll be healthier from your head to your toes. Drugs and alcohol affect every aspect of your physical wellbeing, especially with respect to your internal organs like the kidneys and liver. Studies show that your liver can begin to recover from improper alcohol use as time passes without its consumption. You’ll also reach a normal body weight without the gains associated with alcohol use, or the drastic weight loss common in stimulant use. It’s difficult to overstate the positive impact of sobriety on your health – trust us when we say it’s worth it.

No more hangovers!

Whether it’s drugs or alcohol (or both), all substance use is associated with negative effects after consumption. Imagine a life with no withdrawal symptoms – not a single miserable morning wasted in bed. You can go to sleep peacefully and wake up ready to start your day, free of the aches and pains that come along with addiction.

Better sleep.

It goes without saying that stimulant use results in completely erratic, unmanageable sleep patterns. While some cite drinking or sedative use to fall asleep, these actually affect REM and decrease the overall quality of your sleep throughout the night. If you’re worried about missing that late-night drink, don’t be. You can instead supplement with healthier habits. Tire yourself out with a vigorous exercise routine, stop consuming caffeine late in the day, and read for a while before you go to bed. You’ll be amazed at the difference a good night’s sleep can make.

You’ll feel more attractive – and for good reason.

Alcohol dehydrates you, and this lack of moisture can make your skin dull and unhealthy. It also dilates the blood vessels in your face, giving you a reddish complexion and a puffy face after drinking. Other drugs have more severe effects on your appearance – for example, methamphetamine use devastates your dental health, and can result in poor hygiene upkeep. When substance use becomes more important than personal care, it leaves you unable to look (or feel) your best. By focusing on yourself and embracing sobriety, you’ll be able to practice self care and feel more attractive than ever before.

Mental Health and Addiction

Improve your mental health.

Often, drug or alcohol misuse begins in an effort to manage co-occurring mental health issues. When you’re addicted, it’s difficult to separate the effects of the drug from any symptoms of mental illness. This can result in a vicious cycle where you oscillate between self-medication and feelings of depression, anxiety, or psychosis. Once you’re clean, you can begin doing the work to take control of your mental health. Therapy sessions – group counseling and individual – can help you to process any unresolved trauma and get a full understanding of your past. These sessions equip people with invaluable coping mechanisms, which allow you to navigate life’s challenges without using drugs or alcohol.

Revamping Your Lifestyle

Finances in recovery. 

By getting sober, you’ll start to save large amounts money. The cost of drugs and alcohol is ever-climbing. As you develop tolerance, you need increasing amounts of the substance to feel its effects. This pushes the financial weight of addiction higher and higher the longer you use. Once you’re free of those expenses, you can begin practicing sound financial habits. Saving up for larger purchases is cited by many in recovery as something to look forward to. Dream items like cars and homes aren’t out of reach anymore – by educating yourself and being fiscally responsible, you can quickly amass enough for a down payment and reasonable monthly costs. Plan long-term goals like international travel or family vacations, giving back to the people who stood by you throughout your treatment. The options are limitless!

Renew your social life. 

When you’re in the fog of addiction, the company you keep may change drastically. As the saying goes, “If you want to see who your real friends are, get sober.” Once drugs and alcohol no longer have control of your life, you can begin repairing relationships with friends and family who may have been pushed away. By participating in the trainings and therapy sessions offered throughout the treatment process, you’ll learn skills that will equip you to strengthen connections with family members. Often, you will be educated about conflict resolution and open communication styles that can improve your relationships. By inviting them to be a part of your new and improved life, you can create a thriving support system of parents, partners, siblings, and children.

You’ll also build a new sober community through participation in 12-Step meetings, SMART Recovery programs, or other aftercare offered by your treatment center. By surrounding yourself with loving, supportive people, you’ll be held accountable and have a fulfilling social life.

Experience the Benefits of Addiction Treatment

If you would like to experience the benefits of sober living for yourself, reach out to Concise Recovery today. You can give us a call at 888-978-5424 or submit a confidential contact form. Our caring admissions team is available 24/7 to begin planning your path to sobriety.

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