Vacation: A Guide to Traveling While Sober

Vacation: A Guide to Traveling While Sober

Sober Vacation Plans
Post Date: August 5, 2019

Vacation: A Guide to Traveling While Sober

As you become accustomed to your recovery, you’ll probably want to begin breaking up routine with some new, exciting experiences. A wonderful way to approach this is by setting aside some time for a vacation. Whether you decide to hit the beach or hide away in a cabin in the mountains, sometimes a peaceful getaway is exactly what you need to rest and recharge. However, traveling and leaving your comfort zone in recovery can be daunting. Read on to learn our top tips for vacationing while sober.

Be Sure to Plan

No vacation is complete without some sort of itinerary, but this step is even more important for those seeking to abstain from drugs and alcohol. Because your normal day-to-day plans like meetings and therapy sessions will be unavailable, it’s vital to find alternative options while away from home. Do some research before booking your trip and choose several meetings to attend while you’re traveling. There are thousands available worldwide, and there are several benefits to attending meetings in a new place: connection and fellowship wherever you are, new insights you may not have gotten at home, and the fresh experience of finding differences between your meetings and these.

Beyond this, be sure to vet your accommodations and the surrounding area in order to find a sober-friendly location to spend your days. If you’re vacationing in a party town, it’s much easier to be triggered and possibly lose your progress.

Vacation with Intention

Before you even purchase a plane ticket, thoroughly examine your goals for the trip. While previous vacations were probably centered around endless nights of partying and drug use, this one will be different. Instead, decide to make this vacation all about recharging, restoring, and renewing your energy. Begin to plan which must-see attractions you’ll visit, all while keeping that goal in mind.

Bring Recovery with You

Be sure to pack some recovery literature to reflect on during your travels. Whether it’s a podcast or a paperback, this type of content will ensure that you remember the importance of your sobriety over the course of your trip.

Surround Yourself with Support

Next, try not to travel alone; it can be easy to succumb to local influences and temptations without anyone holding you accountable. Bring friends or family members who support your sobriety and who won’t challenge your commitment to an alcohol- and drug-free vacation. If you suspect that someone will try to get you to partake, do not invite them along.

Know Your Limits on Vacation

In your daily life, you probably have a set schedule for when to eat and when to go to bed. When you’re on vacation, that structure becomes more flexible, resulting in skipped meals and staying awake at all hours. The excitement of being in a new place, combined with a flurry of fun activities, can make basic self-care come second (or third, or fourth).

Keep HALT in mind over the course of your travels. If you find yourself feeling hungry, angry, lonely, or tired, be especially attentive to those needs. Make reservations for restaurants so that you’ll stick to three square meals per day, and be mindful of the time as the day winds down. If necessary, schedule early morning activities that will tire you out and encourage you to turn in on time.

Treat Yourself

Take a moment and imagine how much you would’ve spent on drugs or alcohol on this trip just years ago. It’s amazing how much money you save in sobriety. Consider splurging on a once-in-a-lifetime experience – go skydiving or parasailing! – or a meaningful souvenir to commemorate your trip for yourself and loved ones. It’s okay to take a moment to celebrate yourself.

Vacation with Confidence

You deserve the opportunity for some serious rest and relaxation this summer, especially with all the work that goes into thriving in sobriety. If you’re worried about resisting drugs and alcohol, we hope that you will consider the above tips and contact someone who will support you in a substance-free traveling experience.

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