Recovery 2020: Protecting Your Program

Recovery 2020: Protecting Your Program

Post Date: December 26, 2019

Recovery 2020: Protecting Your Program

If you are working a program of addiction recovery, then we hope that you enjoyed a merry, safe, and sober Christmas. Significant holidays can present many challenges for men and women who are committed to sobriety. So, if you were able to keep your recovery intact, then you should be proud.

The holiday season can be a significant challenge; this is a time when you must always remember to put your recovery first. Unfortunately, the emotions that accompany days like Christmas can derail one’s program. Each year, a large number of people find themselves in risky situations that often lead to a relapse.

If you slipped up yesterday, all of us at Concise Recovery know you may be feeling overwhelmed by pain and guilt. Such feelings can lead you to continue using, and the cycle of addiction could begin again, but that does not have to be the case. Pick up the phone, call your sponsor, and get to a meeting of recovery so that you can protect the progress that you have made thus far.

A relapse does not have to be the end of your journey; this event can be an opportunity to recommit yourself to the program. In the process, you can discover what led to your return to use so that you can prevent a similar circumstance in the future. If you feel that you need even greater support, then please reach out to Concise Recovery.

As everyone knows, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and it’s a day of the year that can be simultaneously difficult and beneficial for individuals in recovery. On the one hand, you must avoid risky situations; on the other hand, NYE is an opportunity for men and women to set recovery goals for the coming year.

Protecting and Strengthening Your Recovery for 2020

People working a program must be especially vigilant between now and January 1, 2020. Across Southern California and beyond, an abundance of parties will be held in practically every neighborhood. It is vital that you prioritize remaining in constant contact with your support network at this time.

Be sure to attend your regular meetings and continue working with your sponsor. It is critically important that you avoid the temptation to isolate on New Year’s Eve. Some people in early recovery think that shutting themselves in is an effective way to prevent a relapse. However, staying connected and present with your support group is the best method of avoiding problems during any holiday.

Those in the first year of recovery may not be aware that meetings will be going on around the clock on NYE. There is always an opportunity to catch a meeting no matter the time during any significant holiday.

What’s more, some of the members of your support group are likely going to be hosting a gathering to bring in the New Year. At the next meeting you attend, please inquire about what your homegroup peers have planned for the holiday. Do make plans to be in their company when the clock strikes midnight.

NYE is also an excellent opportunity to make a list of realistic goals for you to work towards in 2020. Addiction recovery is a process; one must always be on the lookout for ways they can strengthen their program. Such goals could include:

  • Sharing more at meetings.
  • Taking on a service position.
  • Volunteering outside the rooms of recovery.
  • Making a point to more frequently introduce yourself to newcomers.
  • Taking on a sponsee and walking them through the Steps.

Healing and Recovery in 2020

If you are currently in the grips of active addiction, then perhaps 2020 is the year that you begin a life-changing journey of recovery. Please contact Concise Recovery to learn more about our programs and to find the healing you deserve.

Our services include sub-acute detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programs. Call us today to speak with our admissions team and get on the path to lasting sobriety. 888-978-5424

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