Stimulant Drug Abuse & Treatment Options

“Stimulants” is an umbrella term that encompasses a broad range of substances that temporarily enhance the cognitive capacities and energy levels of the users. The popularity of these drugs, both legal and illegal varieties, is associated with the increasing demands of modern society and the hectic schedules many individuals endure on a day-to-day basis. If you are looking for trusted stimulant addiction treatment programs in California, you have come to the right place. Concise Recovery is a reputable rehab center that specializes in a wide variety of therapies and medically assisted detox programs. We serve clients from all over Los Angeles, Malibu, Sacramento, and more.

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Understanding Addiction

Common Signs and Symptoms of Stimulant Addiction

Signs of stimulant addiction develop progressively as the effects of the substance become increasingly prominent on the brain.

  • Physical dependency: Stimulants cause a higher secretion of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for the state of balance for many bodily functions. In time, the brain requires more of the drug to function normally.
  • Larger doses: Stimulants are known to weaken brain cells and structures responsible for dopamine secretion. To experience the same “high” effect, the addict increases the dosage.
  • Violent outbursts: Extended use deteriorates neurons and brain structures leading to various chemical imbalances. The inequity can cause a person to become emotionally unstable and trigger poor impulse control.
  • Using to cope: Feeling the need to take stimulants to cope with work, family, or personal problems indicates that psychological dependency has taken hold of an individual.

Considering the severity of health consequences caused by stimulant addiction, it’s understandable why you need to act quickly to get help for yourself or your loved one. Seek professional help from Concise Recovery to learn how to live a rich and fulfilling life without relying on a chemical crutch!


Concise Recovery offers evidence-based therapies from CBT to Medication-Assisted Therapy, we provide all who enter our program with customized addiction treatment plans.

Community Focused

Our program is a community of like-minded, caring treatment professionals who aim to support our clients throughout every step of the treatment process at Concise Recovery in Los Angeles.

Multiple Locations

Concise Recovery is proud to offer 3 unique locations throughout Southern California with residential programs in Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and La Crescenta, giving clients multiple paths to recovery.

How is Stimulant Addiction Treated?

If you have an addiction to crack cocaine or ‘rock’ then visiting a treatment center like Concise Recovery will give you the very best chance of a full recovery.

Treatment centers are in-patient facilities, which means the patients stay on the premises in special housing while they receive treatment. They will receive a combination of counseling, advice, support, and medication to help them through the process of recovery.

The typical program lasts upwards of 28 days to ensure that patients are eased into the recovery process instead of being rushed through it. Most medical experts believe that a treatment program that spans over 90 days can produce long-lasting results for the patient.

Did you know most insurance will help pay for rehab?

What Are the Common Withdrawal Symptoms?

Abruptly ceasing the usage of stimulants may trigger effects that include:

  • Cold flashes
  • Paranoia
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle aches
  • Insomnia

Concise Recovery will provide you with the necessary assistance to cope with these withdrawal symptoms in a professional, safe, medical environment. Staff will be available round-the-clock to respond to any severe withdrawal effects that may occur as a result of a withdrawal program, ensuring your safety and health at all times.

Don't wait another day. Escape addiction & find freedom.

what our clients say about us

Matt G
Matt G
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Concise Recovery saved my life, I was at my wits end struggling with a mixture of addictions. I checked into Concise and they helped me every step of the way to get back on me feet. They even transferred me to an aftercare program that worked with my family and their budget. Thanks Concise!
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I went to Concise as a broken soul with nothing to look forward to but death. They brought me in, detoxed me and gave me the tools I needed to be successful in my life today! Now I am gainfully employed and have my own apartment.
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I came to Concise after having my first child and realizing I needed to get help to be a mother. There was no judgement at all and nothing but love and support from everyone who worked there. Allen and Mike are amazing people and want nothing but to help others. Thank you Concise!
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My family had done an intervention on me and gave me an ultimatum, to go get help or to be on the streets. I chose to get help not thinking anything would change and just to get my family off my back. And boy I couldn't have been more wrong, I have a life worth living today thanks to Concise Recovery. I will never go back!
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I went to Concise after my mother and father died in a drunk driving accident, I wanted to get help with my alcoholism so I wouldn't end up like they did. From the second I walked through the doors at Concise I knew I was home. They gave me the love and compassion I was searching for my entire life. Today I help others who were going through a similar experience. Thank you Concise!
Read More
What can I say, Concise Recovery changed my life. They took me in when I had nowhere else to go and completely changed my life, they even scholarshipped me the rest of my stay when my insurance cut out. Thank you Consie, you have no idea how much you changed my life.

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