Drug Rehab Santa Clarita Ca

Drug Rehab Santa Clarita Ca

Concise Recovery is a high-end addiction treatment center in Santa Clarita, CA, with an integrated treatment approach. Here are some of the qualities that make us the best drug rehab in Santa Clarita, CA:

Joint Commission Accredited Santa Clarita drug rehab

We hold a license from the state of California and are accredited by the Joint Commission to offer detoxification and addiction recovery services. Getting an accreditation by the Joint Commission signifies the gold standard in health care. As a certified facility, we offer high-end addiction treatment and medical care in a state-of-the-art facility with the help of a compassionate and experienced team of experts.

Focus on underlying issues 

As one of the leading nearby alcohol rehabs in Santa Clarita, CA, we focus on identifying and addressing the underlying triggers of your addiction. We conduct a comprehensive physical and mental health exam on all our new patients upon intake. Based on the test results, we come up with a treatment plan to address their unique addiction condition. By treating the cause of addiction, we prevent the chances of relapse a long time after completing the rehab program.

High success rates

We are a top drug and alcohol rehab in Santa Clarita, CA, with the highest success rates in the field. Over 90% of our clients maintain sobriety for more than a year, and we have the highest success rates in treating dual diagnosis cases.

1-on-1 treatment approach

At our facility for recovery and treatment in Santa Clarita, we create customized treatments for each patient to address their unique medical and addiction-related needs. We create a personalized treatment strategy after a thorough review of their drug history, family history, and psychiatric health. Our 1-on-1 treatment approach allows us to offer individualized care and continuous attention to each patient in rehab.

Dedicated and experienced staff

We have the finest team of physicians, mental health experts, behavioral therapists, and RNs working around-the-clock to help our patients in their journey towards sobriety. All our clinical staff holds several years of experience and the highest level of training in their respective fields, allowing us to offer superior medical care and addiction treatment. Our staff works relentlessly for the wellbeing of our recovering addicts and plays an integral role in the recovery process.

Evidence-based programs

We use evidence-based modalities like EMDR, CBT, DBT, biofeedback therapy, etc., to help our patients overcome their traumatic memories and mental problems. We also use these and other holistic therapies like music therapy, yoga, meditation, nutrition, exercise, etc., to equip our patients with essential life skills and coping mechanisms to combat triggers and cravings.

Excellent amenities

Our facility encompasses luxury amenities, comfortable accommodation, and other high-end features, which offer the perfect ambiance for healing and recovery. We make you feel at home in a resort-like facility through individualized care and unparalleled hospitality.

Take action today, reach the Concise Recovery at 888-240-6846, or visit our website to verify your insurance. As a preeminent trauma-focused drug rehab in Santa Clarita, CA, we identify and address the root cause of addiction to prevent relapse and to help you maintain sustained sobriety.

Drug Rehab Santa Clarita Ca
Concise Recovery
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Drug Rehab Santa Clarita Ca Drug Rehab Santa Clarita Ca Drug Rehab Santa Clarita Ca