Addiction Treatment Los Angeles

Addiction Treatment Los Angeles

If you’ve been dealing with addiction for a long time and seek a way out, we can help you. Concise Recovery provides the most reliable addiction treatment in Los Angeles, centered around each patient’s unique clinical, psychological, and personal profile.

The most effective addiction treatment services

Treating addiction can be extremely difficult, depending on the substance you’re using, length of addiction, clinical profile, etc. We believe that no two persons are similar, which means the rehab treatment will function differently depending on the patient. To achieve the best results fast, we use a customized approach for each case, in particular, providing patients with a unique rehab experience.

Our best rehabs in Los Angeles, California, rely on a gradual recovery strategy to harness the ideal long-term results. Our rehabilitation program consists of:

  • In-depth clinical assessment – The first stage of the rehabilitation process comprises of diagnosing and clinical assessment. During this phase, our clinicians will assess your health status, medical history and gather data on your addiction (the substance in question, length of abuse, withdrawal symptoms, intensity, etc.).
  • Customized clinical detoxification – At our top California rehabs, we perform personalized detox to help patients overcome withdrawal safely and prevent short-term relapse. The detox procedure will cleanse your body, stabilize your psychological functioning, and allow you to control your cravings and behavior.
  • Residential treatment – As the best alcohol rehab centers in Southern California, we offer residential treatment to all patients who have completed the detox process. It is a fully immersive rehab program, placing patients in a secure and controlled environment for the entire duration of the treatment. This will eliminate social triggers and provide individuals with safety, comfort, and security, allowing them to heal at their own pace.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – Our Los Angeles rehab center relies on PHP services to assist patients who have completed the residential/inpatient program. PHP is also ideal for people with mild forms of addiction, who don’t require inpatient care. The program offers therapies, day treatment (five days per week), counseling sessions, peer support, medication management, 12-step meetings, and more.
  • Outpatient program – The outpatient program is an integral component of our Los Angeles alcohol and drug addiction treatment. It is a less demanding form of treatment, relying on therapy, counseling, and peer support to further sobriety goals and personal growth. It is the go-to program for people who have completed an inpatient program and PHP or those with busy schedules who don’t require intensive care.

Our recovery philosophy

Our philosophy is simple yet impactful – all individuals are unique, and the rehabilitation treatment needs to reflect that. The idea of using the same treatment protocol for all patients is outdated and, in many cases, dangerous. Our addiction treatment in Los Angeles follows each patient’s unique clinical and personal profile to address the causes of addiction and offer relevant results over the years.

Concise Recovery offers the best rehab services, a comforting and secure recovery environment, and continuous support to help patients achieve sustained sobriety. Call our team at 888.240.6846, verify your insurance, and speak with an admission expert to get things started!

Addiction Treatment Los Angeles
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Addiction Treatment Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Los Angeles