Alcohol Detox Thousand Oaks

Alcohol Detox Thousand Oaks

At Concise Recovery, we offer the best alcohol detox in Thousand Oaks using a customized treatment approach. We administer a highly effective detox program and follow it up with counseling and psychotherapy sessions to help you garner the best treatment outcome.

What is alcohol detoxification?

Alcohol detox refers to the process of helping the body get rid of the waste products and toxins caused by excessive and long-term alcohol consumption. At our facility, we administer medical detox using medications, permanent medical observation, and counseling. Alcohol detox not only helps flush out the toxins but also reduces the intensity of withdrawal symptoms and makes recovery less painful.

Individuals with a severe addiction are more likely to experience dangerous side effects during detox. Hence, it is crucial to undergo alcohol detox during a top drug rehab in Thousand Oaks to prevent fatal consequences. Our alcohol detox program calms the addict's body, mind, and spirit, and enables them to focus on recovery and healing.

What to expect during alcohol detox?

Alcohol detoxification acts as a preparatory stage before the residential/outpatient rehab program. Detox can take 5 - 10 days from start to finish, during which you must stay at a residential rehab facility under the close supervision of a medical team. At our Thousand Oaks alcohol and drug detox center, we offer around-the-clock medical care to all our patients and closely monitor them for adverse withdrawal symptoms. Detox at our center for alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Thousand Oaks involves three stages: Intake, medication management, and stabilization.

During intake, our expert clinicians will conduct a full review of your drug, medical, and psychiatric histories. Based on the results, we'll create a customized detox plan to address your unique addiction situation. We then administer certain medications to mimic the effects of alcohol and reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. The final stage involves stabilizing your mind and behavior through counseling and psychological therapies.

Drugs used in alcohol detox

The drugs we use in alcohol detox can vary depending upon the severity of your addiction, the presence of co-occurring mental disorders, and a variety of other factors. While our primary focus with detox is to remove the substance from your system, we also try to keep your organism in balance by avoiding serious physiological upsets. We use medications like Librium, Valium, Ativan, etc., to reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms and prevent seizures.

Seizures are among the most dangerous and common withdrawal symptoms in individuals recovering from alcohol addiction. In some cases, we use anti-convulsant drugs to help patients overcome the withdrawal phase safely. As one of the top treatment centers in Thousand Oaks, we use medically recommended amounts of benzodiazepines and monitor you closely for symptoms of alcohol withdrawal in a safe and supportive environment.

Call Concise Recovery at 888-240-6846 or visit our website now to verify your insurance. We offer highly rewarding alcohol detox in Thousand Oaks in a state of the art facility with comfortable accommodations. Get started on a liberating journey towards sobriety with the #1 center for drug detox in Thousand Oaks.

Alcohol Detox Thousand Oaks
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Alcohol Detox Thousand Oaks Alcohol Detox Thousand Oaks Alcohol Detox Thousand Oaks