Alcohol Rehab Southern California

Alcohol Rehab Southern California

If you require alcohol rehab in Southern California, our team at Concise Recovery is ready to take you in. We have seen and solved countless cases and saved numerous lives along the way. We know what addiction can do to a victim's life, family, relationship, and future, and we have the perfect solution for all problems.

How to know if I need alcohol rehab?

Alcohol withdrawal is the first sign that you need immediate alcohol detox and rehab. Even in mild forms, the appearance of withdrawal suggests that you have already developed physical and potentially psychological addiction. This is the most sensitive period when you have to be honest with yourself and admit your problem. It is also a period of urgency because the ideal time for alcohol detox and rehab is in addiction's early stages.

Most alcoholics have difficulties admitting their problem, which is why they arrive so late at our facility. This makes the treatment more complex and the results less certain. To avoid that and overcome addiction for good, you need to seek the best rehabs in California for professional medical and psychiatric assistance.

How does alcohol rehab work?

The rehabilitation process consists of several stages, depending on the severity of the withdrawal, your medical profile, current clinical status, etc. These are:

  • In-depth assessment – At our top California rehabs, we perform in-depth clinical assessment prior to detox to gather valuable data about your medical history and status. This data will allow our experts to build customized detox and recovery plans for extended benefits.

  • Detox – Medical detox is a necessity when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. We have the best alcohol rehab centers in Southern California, providing personalized detox and medication. The procedure will flush the alcohol from your system, minimize withdrawal effects, prevent short-term relapse, and allow your body and mind to recover and heal.

  • Residential/inpatient treatment – The residential program is the heart of our California rehab center. It offers intensive care to patients dealing with aggravated addiction via medication management, therapies, counseling, and 24/7 support and assistance.

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – PHP becomes available once you have completed the residential program. It functions as an extension of inpatient care, supporting patients on their path to sobriety. Here you will undergo therapies like CBT, DBT, EMDR, 12-Step meetings, peer support, etc., promoting sobriety and healthy living.

  • Outpatient care – This is the less intensive form of treatment, allowing patients to undergo treatment and therapies while remaining socially and professionally active. It relies on specific therapies, mindfulness training, 12-Step meetings, life-skills counseling, etc., to support sobriety goals and promote a healthier lifestyle over the years.

If you're looking for a reliable Orange County alcohol and drug addiction treatment, Concise Recovery is your best option. At our leading facility, we offer personalized alcohol rehab in Southern California, continuous care and support, a comforting recovery environment, and compassion and understanding. Speak to an admission expert today at 888.240.6846, check your insurance, and come in for assessment and treatment!

Alcohol Rehab Southern California
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Alcohol Rehab Southern California Alcohol Rehab Southern California Alcohol Rehab Southern California