Drug Detox Woodland Hills

Drug Detox Woodland Hills

If you’re a hardcore drug user, you need drug detox in Woodland Hills as soon as possible. Concise Recovery invites you to one of the best rehab facilities in the field, offering comprehensive detox and therapeutic treatment for an immediate, full recovery.

Who needs drug detox treatment?

All victims of addiction abusing drugs regularly need detox to overcome withdrawal and have a chance at recovery. While detox alone isn’t enough to serve as a full-fledged rehab treatment, it is a critical part of the recovery process. Professional detox in a controlled environment:

  • Flushes the drug from your system
  • Diminishes the impact of withdrawal
  • Stabilizes the neurological functioning and calms the mind
  • Helps patients achieve the determination and confidence they need for incoming stages of rehab
  • Prevents short-term relapse and diminishes cravings, etc.

Self-detox, on the other hand, is a dangerous concept, which is why we advise people against it. Many victims of drug addiction attempt self-detox procedures out of shame or fear of rehab and end up making things worse. Self-detox is both ineffective and life-threatening because of the patient’s lack of knowledge regarding medication, side-effects, and drug interactions. For safety reasons and for better results, we advise contacting our rehab team for professional assistance fast.

How does drug detox work?

The detoxification process consists of three phases:

  1. Clinical assessment – Our Woodland Hills alcohol and drug detox begins with a thorough clinical assessment, during which our experts will collect data about your medical history, present clinical status, the substance you're using, withdrawal symptoms, etc. Based on the information they get, they will set up a personalized medication plan for immediate results.
  2. Targeted detox and stabilization – The detoxification process will last between five and ten days, depending on how severe your condition is and how you respond to treatment. Our expert clinicians will supervise the entire process to make sure everything goes according to plan.
  3. Dual diagnosis treatment and therapy – As part of our drug rehab in Woodland Hills, CA, we offer dual diagnosis support and trauma-based treatment via our EMDR therapy. This approach is imperative for providing assistance with trauma-related issues, including PTSD, and promoting long-term recovery.

During our drug detox in Woodland Hills, you will have a team of certified professionals supervising the entire process the whole time. There is no reason to fear the withdrawal since we will provide you with all the comfort and relief you need to heal fast.

Join the best treatment centers in Woodland Hills!

If you need drug or alcohol detox and rehabilitation in Woodland Hills, our facility is the ideal destination for it. We offer personalized detox, targeted medication plans, and patient-oriented therapy to achieve the best long-term results. With our help, you can overcome addiction and regain control over your life and future.

Contact our rehab team at Concise Recovery, and let’s discuss your options moving forward! You can check your insurance coverage on our website and even discuss with our rehab experts if you need more details about our treatment. Don’t waste anymore time fighting addiction on your own!

Drug Detox Woodland Hills
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Drug Detox Woodland Hills Drug Detox Woodland Hills Drug Detox Woodland Hills