Drug Rehab Santa Clarita

Drug Rehab Santa Clarita

Concise Recovery is a chief addiction treatment center in Santa Clarita, CA, with the best team of physicians, mental health experts, behavioral therapists, and RNs. Here are the holistic therapies that we use at our drug rehab in Santa Clarita to treat addiction:

Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy promotes calmness, mindfulness, and relaxation. We conduct yoga sessions to help our patients overcome stress and mood-related disorders. It also acts as a path to release physical and mental pain and improves muscle strength, tone, flexibility, cardiovascular health, respiratory energy, and vitality.

Mindful meditation

We conduct guided mindful meditation sessions to help our recovering addicts attain emotional stability and peace of mind. These sessions promote a sense of calm, offer deep mental relaxation, and help improve cognitive abilities.

Nature immersion therapy        

Several studies highlight the numerous benefits that can come out of exposure to nature. One study by the University of Plymouth states that by exposing individuals to ‘green spaces,’ you can reduce their cravings for alcohol and drugs. We organize and engage our patients in a variety of nature immersion sessions in the form of long strolls, hiking, and trekking adventures. These activities allow our patients time for introspection and offer mental peace. Nature immersion sessions at our Santa Clarita drug rehab help individuals attain a speedy recovery from addiction and improve their overall wellbeing.

Regulated breathing 

At our drug and alcohol rehab in Santa Clarita, CA, we coach our patients on certain types of breathing exercises. These help them overcome cravings and triggers in a safe, calm, and composed manner. It also prevents them from acting on impulse and promotes rational decision-making.

Proper nutrition

One of the important aspects of our addiction treatment is nourishing the mind, body, and soul of our recovering addicts by offering them well-balanced meals. Nutrition plays an important role in the healing and recovery process. A well-rounded nutritional plan keeps you physically fit, reduces cravings, helps you to sleep better, and improves overall health. We are one of the few nearby alcohol rehabs in Santa Clarita, CA, to use nutrition therapy to treat addiction.

Routine physical exercise

Excessive and long-term use of drugs or alcohol can have a serious impact on your physical health. While detox can correct the imbalances in your brain and remove toxins from your body, you need to engage in a proper physical exercise regime to increase immunity and energy levels. At our center for recovery and treatment in Santa Clarita, we engage our patients in regular workout sessions and physical exercise programs to help them regain their physical prowess. 

Take action today to break free from the chains of addiction! Reach us at 888-240-6846 or visit the Concise Recovery website for details on admissions. As the best drug rehab in Santa Clarita, we offer highly effective detox, counseling, individual and group therapy, and wellness treatments and help our patients embrace sobriety. Call us now to get started on recovery and turn your life around!

Drug Rehab Santa Clarita
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