Sherman Oaks Rehab

Sherman Oaks Rehab

At Concise Recovery, we know that most, if not all, addicts avoid getting into rehab. They usually do so due to fear of the unknown, shame, or simply because they deny their problems in the first place. At our Sherman Oaks rehab center, we have created a comforting and compassionate environment where patients can relax, heal, and recover from their addictions.

What happens in drug rehab?

If you want to join a rehab program but have no idea what to expect, we advise you to contact our experts for details on treatment, insurance, treatment follow-ups, and more. Until then, here is what makes us one of the best rehabs in Sherman Oaks:

  • Assessment and personalized detox – To help you overcome withdrawal safely and comfortably, we offer personalized detox for immediate and long-lasting results. The first rehab stage consists of an in-depth clinical assessment, allowing our experts to gather data on your addiction and medical history. Our clinicians use that data to create a roadmap to successful detox, promoting sobriety, stability, and fast recovery.
  • Therapeutic assistance and expert counseling – As the top California rehabs, we provide therapeutic care and counseling to promote mental health and spiritual growth. With our counselors’ assistance, you will overcome your fears and negative thoughts and emotions, control your urges and cravings, and grow into a better individual.
  • Dual diagnosis care – If you’re dealing with co-occurring disorders due to your addiction, our dual diagnosis treatment is perfect for you. Our best alcohol rehab centers in Southern California offer therapy, medication, and counseling as tools to cope with co-occurring disorders long-term. The dual diagnosis program is ideal for supporting a healthier, more balanced, substance-free life, seeing as co-occurring disorders are often the main addiction triggers.
  • A comfortable rehab environment and top amenities – Our Sherman Oaks rehab center welcomes patients into a welcoming and warm environment, free from judgment, stress, or negativity. We offer gym sessions, yoga, guided meditation, chiropractic care, nature immersion, and more to promote spiritual rejuvenation and psychological healing. Our team’s purpose is to help people embrace their positivity and use it as a force to guide them through life.

Is rehab painful?

While professional rehab might include some degree of physical and psychological discomfort, it doesn’t compare to self-detox procedures. Quitting cold-turkey can is a tormenting experience capable of scarring you for life. Our Orange County alcohol and drug addiction treatment functions based on holistic principles. This means that we want you to feel as comfortable and stress-free as possible during treatment, which will boost recovery rates and prevent relapse.

If you still struggle with fears and uncertainty, contact one of our counselors at 888.240.6846 anytime you wish. Our professionals at Concise Recovery will provide the best assistance and guide you through these difficult times. So long as you’re willing to sacrifice your comfort for a higher goal, the rehabilitation experience will seem smooth and comforting compared to what you might experience otherwise. Check your insurance and rehab options and speak to a counselor about your issues today!

Sherman Oaks Rehab
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Sherman Oaks Rehab Sherman Oaks Rehab Sherman Oaks Rehab