What Makes Concise Recovery a San Fernando Valley, CA Leader?

Located in Los Angeles, CA, Concise Recovery Center Center strives to be a leader for detox from drug & alcohol addictions in the San Fernando Valley | Van Nuys.

Best detox for Addiction in San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys and Los Angeles, CaliforniaFor those of you that are local to Los Angeles and Southern California, you don’t generally associate areas like Van Nuys and the San Fernando Valley with that of top-tier medical care. Even nearby areas like Burbank or Sherman Oaks don’t really match up to the likes of Malibu, Brentwood or even Beverly Hills. However in the case of Concise Recovery Center for Addiction, there truly is that type of recognition, and yes, it’s located right there in the heart of Van Nuys, California!

Since first opening our doors in 2016, it has been a true desire among our entire staff to completely redefine the type of quality detox and addiction recovery services available throughout the San Fernando Valley. Why is this? Well frankly, we want potential clients and their families to realize that true quality addiction recovery care is in fact available in the 818, and that provider is Concise Recovery Center!

Times are changing, and unfortunately we are now seeing a huge uptick in the abuse of heroin and other opioid pain killers like Vicodin, Percocet, Morphine and so forth. Worse yet, those of whom are unable to get the pills are now turning to street heroin which, as we all now know, is being cut with Fentanyl. Interestingly, however, here in Southern California we still tend to see Methamphetamine (speed, crystal, meth) as being among the most abused drugs. Nonetheless, when looking at the whole picture we continue to see a society in tatters from the grips of drug and alcohol addictions.

So why do we talk about the grim nature of addiction in today’s society, as well as its rapid growth among all demographics? We talk about it because nothing can happen until the truth of a situation truly emerges, and we are by no means the pioneers in bringing these issues to light. However, we do fully subscribe to the importance of doing more and being better than the status quo.

The truth of the matter is that when people think of top rated healthcare, addiction treatment, detox and so forth, places like Van Nuys, CA and the San Fernando Valley generally don’t come to mind – though Los Angeles most certainly does. We at Concise Recovery Center intend to change that mindset! As we continue to set new standards in detoxification care and support to client and family, we will strive to bring a vision of excellence in all matters relating to substance abuse care to this region of Southern California.


For more information on our medical detoxification programs for alcohol, opioids (heroin and prescription pain killers) and benzodaizepines (Xanax, Valium, etc.) please contact us 24/7 at (888) 978-5424…


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