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Heroin’s intense withdrawal symptoms make it one of the most difficult drugs to quit on your own. Users will experience nausea, abdominal pain, sweating, shaking, agitation, cravings, and spasms, which only worsen the longer someone has been using heroin. For this reason, those who are dependent on heroin can greatly benefit from medically-supervised detox.

Medically-supervised detox means that clinicians will oversee your withdrawal and ease its symptoms with a variety of medications and therapies. This gives you an easier detox experience that is both safer and more comfortable.

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Treatment Plans

Each client’s treatment plan is completely individualized based on their personal history, physical health, pattern of drug use (dosages and frequency), mental health, and overall wellbeing. In addition to providing detox services, Concise Recovery works to heal the full patient – mind, body, and spirit.


Medications Used for Heroin Detox

Based on their history of substance use, some patients require medication to manage symptoms of withdrawal during the early stages of detoxification. Our staff of clinicians carefully monitor dosages and administered drugs to ease your heroin detox experience.


What Happens After Detox

Detoxing your system of heroin is just the first step to sobriety. While your body may be free of the drug, your mind is still wholly dependent on its influences. Many people may not know that addiction is a disease of the brain – the brain’s reward system is completely rewired by the use of heroin, and therefore it takes time and effort to ensure total sobriety.

Concise Recovery offers a variety of treatment options upon conclusion of heroin detox. Most of our patients require inpatient, or residential, treatment in one of our centers, while others may opt for intensive outpatient programming. Speak to one of our admissions staff members to determine what’s right for you.


Your Path to Lasting Recovery

Concise Recovery is Southern California’s premier heroin detox and residential addiction treatment provider. We provide medically-supervised heroin detox overseen by licensed clinicians and a dedicated staff, who are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would like to learn more about heroin detox, please call our admissions team at 888-978-5424.

Concise Recovery Center is Your First Step

Concise Recovery Center of Los Angeles offers an affordable, comfortable setting for you or a loved one to begin recovery. We encourage you to reach out to us 24/7.