Today there is a growing interest in holistic treatments both as part of medical health processes and mental health interventions. It is important to note that holistic treatments are not generally standalone interventions; instead, they are used to complement traditional therapeutic practices. Combined, traditional interventions and holistic therapies offer a more comprehensive, well-rounded treatment approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment

What Is Holistic Therapy in Los Angeles? 

Holistic therapies are non-medicinal treatment methods. Examples of holistic therapies may include meditation, acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, exercise and nutrition counseling, art and music therapies, spiritual therapy, etc. The idea behind holistic therapy is to refocus the mind, body, and spirit, so they are in alignment. 

When you choose a rehab that provides holistic therapy in Los Angeles, your treatment program will consist of both traditional and holistic (sometimes called alternative) treatment models. Throughout treatment, highly trained therapists will work with you to address your physical and mental addiction symptoms while also working to improve emotional and nutritional challenges that also hinder your ability to recover from addiction fully. 

How Concise Uses a Holistic Approach When Treating a Client

Holistic therapy at Concise Recovery Center is designed to help the whole person heal from addiction. Although traditional evidence-based treatment models are highly successful in helping addicts overcome addiction, traditional psychotherapy techniques do not address addiction’s physical and spiritual aspects. 

Our holistic therapy programs address multiple aspects of healthy living, ensuring your mind, body, and spirit are considered as part of your treatment programs. 


We use traditional, evidence-based therapy approaches in varied settings to help you learn more about your addiction. As you understand the roots behind why you drink or use drugs, it becomes easier to develop and practice healthier, safer coping skills to use when faced with relapse triggers. You can expect to participate in intimate group sessions, individual therapy sessions, and family therapy groups during therapy. Our trained providers specialize in dual-diagnosis treatment, ensuring we can help you overcome your addiction and any underlying mental health struggles that hinder your recovery. 


Physical health is also a vital part of your recovery. Throughout your treatment program, you will have access to activities and services that help you improve and maintain your physical well-being, including a private gym, chiropractic services, nutritious meals, kickboxing classes, and more. 


The value of spiritual healing is often overlooked as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. However, it is an essential factor in holistic therapy and recovery. When your spirit is broken, it is impossible to heal physically and psychologically. Also, holistic treatments used as part of a treatment program teach you skills you can take with you after treatment ends. These practices, such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and creative therapies like art and music therapies, provide relaxation and self-care skills you can draw upon throughout your life when faced with challenges or triggers. 

Successful addiction holistic therapy programs combine elements of tested and successful traditional therapy with alternative treatment models that help heal the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic therapy at Concise Recovery in Los Angeles focuses on finding a healthy balance in all aspects of your life. Using techniques learned through holistic therapy can help you safely and effectively manage stress and emotional challenges that often lead to relapse. 

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If you or a loved one are ready to start your journey towards overcoming addiction, choose a treatment program that cares for the whole person. Holistic therapy, when combined with evidence-based traditional treatment, can address addictions of all severity levels. To learn more about how Concise Recovery uses holistic therapy in our treatment program, contact us today.