Choosing to seek addiction treatment can be a scary and difficult choice for someone struggling with addiction. At Concise Recovery, we understand how challenging this decision is. We also realize many believe they can overcome the weight of addiction on their own and therefore choose to forego the benefits of comprehensive detox and addiction treatment services in favor of giving up substances “cold turkey.” Although this method of attempting to attain sobriety may be successful in some cases, it is far more likely to lead to relapse and further challenges in achieving your sobriety and recovery goals. 


Benefits of Seeking Treatment Centers in California

There are many benefits to seeking addiction treatment in California, and the most notable is the level of support you will receive participating in an addiction treatment program. Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by periods of relapse and recovery. Although many try, addictions to drugs and alcohol are not often something one can stop whenever they choose. Regular use of drugs or alcohol impacts the structure and function of the brain, making it difficult to stop using even though you may want to. At a California addiction treatment center, you will work with addiction treatment professionals who can guide you through the challenges of detox and help you defeat your dependence on substances. 


It is also important to remember that addiction is a disease. When you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you cannot control your need and desire to use. Addiction is a deadly disease that impacts the lives of millions across the nation each year. Seeking addiction treatment in California provides the opportunity to seek help and support in a supportive environment away from triggers and challenges that increase the likelihood of relapse.


What Are the Types of Addiction Treatment Centers in California?

Across the nation, there are more than fifteen thousand addiction treatment centers. Each focuses on providing high-level addiction treatment, yet not all are equipped to provide the same level of care, alternative treatment options, or private settings. In California, there are hundreds of addiction treatment centers also providing varying levels of care. The most common types of addiction treatment (or levels of care) in California include outpatient and inpatient, or residential treatment centers. 


Outpatient treatment differs from inpatient settings in that while seeking treatment, you are not required to stay on-site at the treatment center throughout your program. The outpatient level of care allows clientss to maintain employment and continue family obligations while receiving vital and potentially life-saving addiction treatment services. Outpatient treatment requires clients to attend scheduled therapy sessions and group meetings. Outpatient services are often best for those with strong support systems at home or for whom this is their first time in treatment. 


Outpatient care provides evaluation, treatment, and aftercare services similar to those in an inpatient treatment setting. In some cases, outpatient programs are used as a transition between intensive inpatient care and less structured aftercare programs. Most outpatient programs last approximately ninety days, although they can last longer if needed. 

Inpatient or residential programs provide more intensive addiction treatment services. 


Residential care is often appropriate for those who require detox, have an unstable living environment at home, or have been through treatment before and experienced a relapse. In a residential treatment setting, therapy and assistance are provided on a 24/7 basis, and the facility is staffed every day. This means whenever a person needs support or help, someone is available to meet their needs. At a residential program, clients receive support across a large spectrum of care, including medical, nutritional, mental health, and medication management. Throughout your stay at a residential program, you must “live” on-site at the treatment center. While challenging, this can be highly beneficial to your treatment success as it provides distance from people, places, and situations that can trigger cravings to use. 


Get Sober at Concise to Recovery Today

If you are ready to begin your sobriety journey at an addiction treatment center in California, reach out to the team at Concise Recovery today to learn more about our outpatient (day programs) and residential treatment programs in the Los Angeles, California, area. 


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