Why Los Angeles Offers So Much Addiction Detox and Treatment

Though Los Angeles, CA and the San Fernando Valley offer many drug-alcohol rehab and detox center options, Concise Recovery remains a leader among them.



detox and Drug Rehab Centers in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys, Burbank, etc.The sheer number of medial detox and addiction treatment centers blooming throughout Los Angeles, including areas like the San Fernando Valley, West LA and Southbay, is astronomical.  The truth of the matter however, is that if there were not alcoholics and drug addicts in need of help, the number would be significantly lower.  In fact when you consider the size and population of Southern California as a whole, per capita the number of drug rehab centers really isn’t that out of the ordinary.

When an alcoholic or drug addict decides to make a change and ask for help, they typically don’t have the wherewithal to identify recovery facilities that meet their needs, whether it has to do with their clinical needs, financial needs or whatever.  While many parts of the country have limited options when it comes to matters of addiction and/or mental health treatment services, that certainly isn’t the case here in Los Angeles, including surrounding areas like the San Fernando Valley and its many smaller cities like Van  Nuys, Burbank, Sherman Oaks and so forth.

Given that so many recovery options exist here in Southern California, it is especially important to know what you personally are hoping to achieve from the treatment process, and likewise, which specific programs are most likely to help you achieve the desired outcome/s.  Whether you’re the one planning and mapping out your own recovery process (medical detoxification and/or addiction treatment), or whether someone is doing it for you or you’re doing it for someone else, like a loved one for instance, the multitude of treatment services out there make it all the more important to really examine what it is the client needs vs. what he or she wants.


  • Safe medical detoxification under the license in the state of California
  • Expanded holistic, spiritual, therapeutic and dietary services within the scope of addiction treatment & medical detoxification
  • Specialized medical needs and addresses each client as an individual rather than simply one mainstream treatment protocol
  • Specialty detox therapies, including Suboxone and Subutex
  • Both 12-Step and non 12-Step recovery approaches
  • Vivitrol therapy
  • Affordable detox and treatment options, including financing as well as acceptance on many PPO health insurance plans


Additionally, there are important factors to be considered when choosing a detox facility.

  1. Licensing and Accreditation – Concise Recovery Center is accredited by the State of California to provide detox services to those 18 and older.
  2. Facility & Environment: The facility provides luxurious amenities and services.
  3. Program Success: Long-term sobriety success is the number one priority.
  4. Types of Addiction: Concise Recovery Center has the ability to detox clients from any number of substances.
  5. Cost & Health Insurance: Concise Recovery Center is rated one of the lower cost detox facilities.
  6. Location: Southern California (including Los Angeles & the San Fernando Valley) could not be more perfect to start your recovery journey, whether you live locally or out of state.


Every detox and addiction treatment facility is uniquely different, so it is very important you take into consideration the above qualities and ask as many questions as you need prior to making a commitment.   The disease of addiction cannot be overcome on one’s own.  Withdrawal symptoms alone lead many people to return to drinking or drugging in order to feel instantly better, not to mention the many other elements that often lead to relapse.

Attending a program such as Concise Recovery Center will allow one to have 24 hour medical supervision while one goes through the process of detoxification, followed by an in-depth approach to substance abuse treatment, which sets the stage for years to come!

For more information on Concise Recovery Center please feel free to contact us 24/7 at 888-978-5424 and for those with PPO medical insurance we encourage you to submit our health insurance verification form.


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