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sleep in addiction recovery

How to Get Better Sleep in Addiction Recovery

It’s no secret that sleep is integral to your health and wellbeing. This is the time of day when the body repairs itself and moves short-term memories to long-term storage; it’s also when young people experience critical progressions in growth and development. When sleep is sabotaged, there are devastating physical and emotional consequences. [...]

cocaine laced with fentanyl

Deaths from Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine on the Rise

Across the country, people who buy cocaine are discovering too late that it contains potentially lethal fentanyl. In a recent Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights this issue as it manifested in Fresno earlier this year. A Crisis in Fresno, California In January of 2019, three patients [...]

Lessons From Rehab

5 Important Lessons from Rehab

Lessons from Rehab Without a doubt, rehab is a transformational time for many. By making the choice to leave their old lives of substance use behind and start over anew, the 2.3 million people per year who enter treatment programs emerge with a fresh perspective. Perhaps the greatest piece of [...]

Detox at Home

Can You Detox from Alcohol at Home?

When someone finally recognizes that they have a problem with alcohol, they have taken the first step to recovery. After this realization, they may decide to cut back on their alcohol consumption or suddenly stop drinking altogether. While this is a noble goal, attempting to quit all alone can be dangerous. What many people [...]

Getting Help for Addiction

How to Get Help for Addiction

First – congratulations! Whether you’re someone who suspects they may have a problem or the relative of someone struggling with addiction, you’ve just done the hardest thing. By researching this topic, you’ve taken the first step to healing. Below, we’ve outlined some key steps to getting help for addiction. From [...]

Sober Vacation Plans

Vacation: A Guide to Traveling While Sober

As you become accustomed to your recovery, you’ll probably want to begin breaking up routine with some new, exciting experiences. A wonderful way to approach this is by setting aside some time for a vacation. Whether you decide to hit the beach or hide away in a cabin in the mountains, sometimes a [...]

California Primary Care Providers

California Rehabs Partner with Primary Care Providers

America’s opioid epidemic is the topic of many news stories, most of which are negative and create cause for concern. However, once in a while some good news about potential treatment will come to light. Recently,Politico reported that California has decided to use its recent federal grant to build a landmark addiction treatment [...]

Alcohol as a Public Health Issue

Alcohol as a Public Health Issue

Each year, over 50 million people experience harm because of another person’s drinking, according to a new study from the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. Similar to society’s collective response to secondhand smoke, researchers claim that there should be a public outcry about the secondhand effects of [...]

Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

The Role of Gratitude in Addiction Recovery

Depression and anxiety can wreak havoc on one’s recovery – just when everything should be going well, you may be tempted to use drugs or alcohol again. In these moments, it can be helpful to call on one of the strongest correlates to happiness: gratitude. By cultivating feelings of thankfulness, you can improve your [...]

After Detoxification

What Happens After Detoxification?

Many people, especially those trying to free themselves of alcohol and benzodiazepine addictions, choose to participate in a medically-supervised detoxification program. Generally, this process takes place with the help of supplementary medications and other withdrawal symptom management. Detox is the first step on the road to sobriety, but what happens when your program is [...]