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Leaving Rehab

After Rehab: How to Transition Out of Addiction Treatment

It’s often said that real recovery begins at the conclusion of your time in rehab. As you leave an addiction treatment facility and return to your daily life, you’ll face many challenges and obstacles on your road to sobriety. Today, statistics say that relapse rates hover between 40% and 60% of those who [...]

Vaping and E-Cigs: What You Need to Know

E-cigarettes are relatively new – they’ve only been on the shelves in the United States for just over a decade. Because of this, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is just now beginning to fully understand the long-term effects of vaping. There are many misconceptions surrounding e-cigs – some [...]

Cross Addiction

What is Cross Addiction? | Don’t Swap One Addiction for Another

Cross addiction occurs when those addicted to a specific substance decrease or completely cease their use of that substance. These people then begin using a different substance under the false assumption that it won’t cause the same problems with addiction. For example, someone who has received treatment for an [...]

Warning Signs of Mental Illness

It’s commonly known that mental illness and addiction are inextricably linked. These two brain disorders feed into one another and, when left untreated, can create a vicious cycle of substance abuse, sobriety, and relapse. Either of these issues can come first – certain drugs can catalyze symptoms of mental health problems, and those [...]

Why Therapy is Important to Recovery

Beginning in the 1970s, the public understanding of addiction shifted dramatically. A massive research effort revealed that substance use disorder should be classified as a disease of the brain: one that impacts function and behavior. Rather than stigmatizing this mental illness, it became accepted that treatment should be easily accessible for those suffering from [...]

Prescription to Heroin

The Link Between Prescription Opioids and Heroin Use

America’s Prescription Opioid Epidemic You’ve probably seen endless news stories covering America’s rampant prescription drug abuse. Due to over-prescription, misinformation, and wide availability of these highly addictive medications, over 11.4 million people reported misusing their opioid medications in 2017. This has resulted in the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services labelling America’s opioid epidemic a public [...]

positive reinforcement in recovery

The Power of Positive Reinforcement in Addiction Treatment

Positive reinforcement motivates all of us, whether we realize it or not. From receiving good feedback at the office to thanking a spouse for work around the house, we respond well to this pattern of behavior and reward. Substance use is a system of negative reinforcement; people may seek out drugs and alcohol to [...]


3 Reasons to Get Sober: The Benefits of Addiction Treatment

There’s more to addiction recovery than just abstaining from drugs and alcohol. When people consider entering treatment for substance use disorders, sometimes the only thought is to be free of the negative consequences brought on by addiction – withdrawal symptoms, cravings, financial struggle, and declining physical health, just to [...]


Who Needs to Detox?

If you’ve done some research on addiction treatment, you’ve probably run across the term “detox” before. Even those who have a solid understanding of this process may question whether it’s right for themselves or a loved one. While detox can be a vital first step on the road to [...]