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Addiction Recovery That Fits Your Schedule

Flexible Treatment Options

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Many men and woman suffering from addiction desperately want to seek treatment, but have personal responsibilities to their families and careers that cannot be transferred to someone else while they check into an inpatient program. This is why Concise Recovery Center offers outpatient addiction treatment: an ideal choice for those who are serious about sobriety but need a flexible program that will work around their schedules.

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Clinically-Supervised Care On Your Schedule

What is Outpatient Treatment?

Treatment sessions are offered throughout the week, at times that are most convenient for the patient. These sessions include individual and group therapy sessions rooted in a variety of therapeutic techniques (CBT, DBT, EMDR), all at one’s own pace. This allows them to perform regular tasks, live at home, care for family members, and continue living in their own home. Our outpatient services are ideal for those with mild substance abuse problems.

Thrive in Sobriety

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The Intensive Outpatient Program, often abbreviated as IOP, is developed for those deeply committed to recovery – it provides additional accountability measures and a more rigorous schedule, tapering as success is demonstrated. This treatment plan offers both structure and well-defined milestones, enabling the patient to see rapid progress and ensuring accountability at every step.

IOP includes routine drug testing, individual therapy (CBT, DBT, EMDR), group therapy (outings, age- or gender-specific groups), mindfulness training (yoga, meditation, regulated breathing), 12-Step meetings, and life-skills training, as well as education about addiction and its effects on the family unit. This is the best choice for those who are fully committed to sobriety, but who still need to be able to work and care for dependents. It is also ideal for those seeking to transition from a full inpatient program to life out of the treatment center.

Recovery That Meets You Where You Are

At Concise Recovery Center, we believe life shouldn’t get in the way of your recovery. That’s why we worked with clinicians to develop our evidence-based outpatient treatment options. Call today to speak with our experts about building a treatment plan around your schedule.