Even though it hasn’t always been studied, we now know that trauma and substance abuse often go hand in hand with each other. Not only does experiencing trauma increase the likelihood of substance abuse, but the chances of developing co-occurring disorders as a result of that trauma are increased greatly. 


Oftentimes, it is not enough to get help for substance abuse without addressing the root cause of the abuse. Trauma and substance abuse treatment must be handled in the right way and in an environment that is safe and secures away from the factors that promoted substance use in the first place. 


We know how much of a struggle it can be dealing with addiction and trauma. Finding treatment is an important step to getting clean, healing from past trauma, and staying on the road to recovery. To help you understand the need for addiction and trauma treatment, we’ll break down what it means to experience trauma and substance abuse and how to go about getting help for your addiction and trauma-related health issues. 

What Is Trauma? 

Before you can get the right trauma and substance abuse treatment, you need to have a good understanding of what trauma is and how it relates to substance abuse. 


Without going into too clinical of a definition, trauma is any incident, circumstance, or situation that happens to a person and overwhelms their ability to deal with and cope with the situation or the consequences. 


We often think of this as being only a problem for people who are victims of violent crimes, those in the military, or other dangerous professions. The truth is, trauma is universal and can happen to anyone. 


There is no shame in having been through a traumatic situation and dealing with the consequences and side effects can be a lifelong battle. Trauma can cause people to have difficulty dealing with stressful situations and coping with day-to-day situations. 


As a result of trauma, people can develop substance abuse disorders as well as co-occurring mental disorders that disrupt their lives and make it difficult to live a healthy and productive life. 


What Is Substance Abuse? 

Substance abuse is the repeated use of any harmful substance to the point it harms a person’s physical, mental, or social well-being. These substances can range from alcohol to prescription drugs to illegal substances. 


Abuse occurs when a person uses a substance to the point that it starts to cause harm. This can mean drinking to excess, overusing prescription medication, or taking illegal drugs that have harmful side effects. 


People who have suffered from trauma are more likely to engage in substance abuse as a means of coping with the effects of the trauma. This leads to the disease known as addiction. 


Addiction occurs once a person has abused a substance to the point where they are chemically dependent on that substance to function on a daily basis. We here at Spark To Recovery know that beating addiction requires the right treatment. Don’t let trauma and substance abuse stop you from leading your best life. 


What Happens at Addiction and Trauma Treatment? 

When you’re ready to seek out trauma and substance abuse treatment, you can expect an individualized approach that combines dual-diagnosis treatment to manage the co-occurring disorders that come with trauma and substance abuse with individualized trauma-informed therapy and counseling to restore positive thinking and establish coping mechanisms to handle stress without substance use. 


At Spark To Recovery, we offer residential inpatient care that combines professionalism and the medical support you need to feel safe and secure while you recover from your trauma and addiction. 


Don’t feel like you’re alone. We’re here for you at Spark To Recovery with the treatment and support you need. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and your addiction. 

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