Sober Living in San Fernando Valley

Research has shown that more than half of those who complete rehab treatment for drug or alcohol addiction will relapse within the first year. Therefore, patients have the option of staying in a sober living community for as long as they like after completing the initial addiction rehabilitation treatment. This addiction treatment option allows them to adjust to life without drugs or alcohol

Because we want all of our patients to be free from the devastating cycle of drug or alcohol addiction, our San Fernando Valley rehab offers sober living program in California. Whether you are based out of Malibu, Los Angeles, or Santa Ana, we can help get you on the road to recovery with a personalized treatment plan. Simply call our alcohol and drug addiction specialists today.

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Safety & comfort are key to the detoxification programs at Concise Recovery. Through the detox process, clients will experience withdrawal management without pain and discomfort.

Residential Inpatient

The residential programs at Concise Recovery are based on core foundations that treat the entire person’s mind, body, and spirit through a personalized treatment plan.

Outpatient Programs

From partial hospitalization to intensive outpatient and our alumni program, Concise Recovery offers a full continuum of care so you can continue your journey to recovery surrounded by familiar faces.

Sober Living in San Fernando Valley

What is Sober Living?

Sober living communities are usually located in quiet, rural areas and can be hosted in private homes or those run by a business or charity. Residents are expected to look after themselves while staying in a sober home and will have to pay rent, complete chores, and abide by a curfew. Some homes hold compulsory therapy sessions for residents and may perform random drug testing to ensure that all patients are refraining from drugs and alcohol. Addicts that have recently completed residential therapy are ideal candidates for sober living homes in San Fernando Valley, but anyone is welcome to stay as long as they are willing to abstain from drugs and alcohol and follow the house rules.


Concise Recovery offers evidence-based therapies from CBT to Medication-Assisted Therapy, we provide all who enter our program with customized addiction treatment plans.

Community Focused

Our program is a community of like-minded, caring treatment professionals who aim to support our clients throughout every step of the treatment process at Concise Recovery in Los Angeles.

Multiple Locations

Concise Recovery is proud to offer 3 unique locations throughout Southern California with residential programs in Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and La Crescenta, giving clients multiple paths to recovery.

How Do Sober Living Programs Work?

The goal of our sober living home in the San Fernando Valley is to empower the individual to resist the urge to relapse after detoxifying. This is achieved by having the individuals living in the facility adhere to strict rules, including:

  • A prohibition on violence, alcohol, drugs, and overnight guests.
  • Random drug tests
  • Continued involvement in social obligations such as work
  • Peer group participation
  • Implementation of the 12-step program

Individuals usually need to pay to use the sober living services, and this is either done as a one-time fee for a specified duration of stay or through monthly rent paid to the sober living facility.

Did you know most insurance will help pay for rehab?

What are the Benefits of Sober Living?

The main benefit of sober living is that patients can continue their recovery in a controlled environment that is completely free of drugs and alcohol. Being able to resist cravings while still in residential treatment is achievable for many patients but continuing to abstain while being surrounded by temptations in the real world is far more difficult. Sober living communities let patients practice the skills they learned during treatment that will help them thrive once they reenter their normal lives.

Certain therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy can help addicts change negative thought patterns that may lead to them wanting to use drugs or alcohol. In sober living communities, therapists are on hand to help residents practice the new skills they learned and employ them when needed. Many residents of our San Fernando Valley sober living facility also forge lifelong friendships with those they meet in sober houses which helps to build a strong support network of people to assist with their recovery.

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How to Know if Sober Living Suits Your Addiction Recovery Plan

Sober living offers you a controlled environment in which you can become rehabilitated from addiction and achieve full recovery. It has been shown to be superior and safer than other methods such as quitting cold turkey. It can be thought of as being similar to a residential program, but with a bit more freedom and responsibility. The rules that govern sober living are aimed at providing structure to a former addict’s life.

Sober living in San Fernando Valley also offers a chance for an addict to change their lives completely. Drastic measures such as changing your job and letting go of friends and family who might enable you are made easier when you live in a sober living environment. This gives an individual the opportunity to completely overhaul their lives for the better.

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Matt G
Matt G
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Concise Recovery saved my life, I was at my wits end struggling with a mixture of addictions. I checked into Concise and they helped me every step of the way to get back on me feet. They even transferred me to an aftercare program that worked with my family and their budget. Thanks Concise!
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I went to Concise as a broken soul with nothing to look forward to but death. They brought me in, detoxed me and gave me the tools I needed to be successful in my life today! Now I am gainfully employed and have my own apartment.
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I came to Concise after having my first child and realizing I needed to get help to be a mother. There was no judgement at all and nothing but love and support from everyone who worked there. Allen and Mike are amazing people and want nothing but to help others. Thank you Concise!
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My family had done an intervention on me and gave me an ultimatum, to go get help or to be on the streets. I chose to get help not thinking anything would change and just to get my family off my back. And boy I couldn't have been more wrong, I have a life worth living today thanks to Concise Recovery. I will never go back!
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I went to Concise after my mother and father died in a drunk driving accident, I wanted to get help with my alcoholism so I wouldn't end up like they did. From the second I walked through the doors at Concise I knew I was home. They gave me the love and compassion I was searching for my entire life. Today I help others who were going through a similar experience. Thank you Concise!
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What can I say, Concise Recovery changed my life. They took me in when I had nowhere else to go and completely changed my life, they even scholarshipped me the rest of my stay when my insurance cut out. Thank you Consie, you have no idea how much you changed my life.

How Can Concise Recovery Assist with Sober Living?

At Concise Recovery, our sober living community is an interim place to stay when you are between spending time in rehab and returning to all aspects of your former life.

We provide opportunities for patients to restore personal relationships and join support groups for endless encouragement and motivation. What’s more, you can return that encouragement to a new member of a support group who may be in need of a mentor or need someone to talk to.

Our support groups and 12-step programs offer great opportunities for recovering individuals to connect with others who are going through similar challenges; however, one of the most valuable aspects of these groups may be the opportunity to see examples of real-life success. Other people’s success stories can be inspirational and provide you with tips for maintaining long-term sobriety.

Concise Recovery actively encourages healthy lifestyle changes. Long-term recovery involves making positive lifestyle changes and trading old habits for healthier ones. Community can be a big help in developing these healthy habits. Not only can a recovering person’s family members, friends, and support group encourage them to engage in healthy practices, but these loved ones may be able to participate as well.

If you want to learn more about our sober living in San Fernando Valley, feel free to schedule a consultation with Concise Recovery today.

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